Coffee Mixes & Recipes

Thunderking coffee is amazing right out of the bag or bottle. But we hear you like to mix it up a little, so we gathered our favorite recipes.

recipe and photo by The World Famous Gustavo Jaimes
Creamsicle Cold Brew

1 Slice of orange, quartered,
slightly muddled inside of glass
3oz of ThunderKing cold brew
4oz of Topo Chico 
1 Pump vanilla syrup 
Top with ice and stir 

recipe and photo by The World Famous Gustavo Jaimes
Pina Colada Cold Brew

3 oz ThunderKing Cold Brew
3 oz coconut cream / milk 
3 oz pineapple juice
A few ice cubes
Finish with a dollop of whipped coconut cream. 

Campfire Coffee

We highly recommend the Aeropress for camping, but we also enjoy a nice boiling kettle of water. Use what you got, right?

Just add coffee grounds to hot water. easy enough. The secret lies in a little term called "Walking the kettle the pot” DO NOT POUR BOILING WATER INTO COFFEE GROUNDS. They aren’t friends. You’ll literally burn the coffee grounds.

Turn off the kettle, count to ten, then commence the unity of the holy bean water. trust us. 

Bourbon on the Thunder Rocks

1 ThunderKing Cold Brew
1 Large ice cube
3 Fingers of Bourbon
(Add a splash of baileys for a bourbon latte)

Our friends at @twistedbrisket have a special coffee rub that they love using our coffee for
Twisted Brisket Beef Rub

20g Ground fine Dark Side of Noon
10g Kosher salt
10g Garlic powder 
5g Ancho chili powder
5g Black pepper
2g Cayenne

Have a recipe to share with us?