At ThunderKing, our passion is making cold-brewed coffee that is strong and pure.  Our flagship bottled cold brew is a fresh product with nothing added. Coffee and water. How we brew and how long we brew is our secret. We will tell you though that it's cold and long, which is what makes our coffee flavorful and smooth, without the bitterness that comes from hot coffee.
ThunderKing is great in the morning over ice--black or with cream and sugar. Coffee is the original energy drink. Naturally caffeinated, ThunderKing mixes well in a protein shake so you can have the energy to do what you need to do. Or when it's your turn to be the designated driver, ThunderKing coffee fits in perfectly in a night out on the town when you want to hang with your friends but need to keep your head clear.
Located on 17th Street, ThunderKing is proud to be Costa Mesa's locally-produced cold brew of choice.